Career Development

Sanofi Genzyme offers every employee a path to succeed – and the resources, support, and inspiration to drive their professional development.
Opportunities for Growth

At Sanofi Genzyme, we have a strong record of promoting from within, and many of our top leaders have built a significant portion of their careers moving through the company. We're deeply invested in the unique talents, skills, and interests of our employees, and we believe that any position at Sanofi Genzyme offers the opportunity for professional development.

Often this happens organically: mentoring, coaching, and knowledge-sharing are a natural byproduct of our highly collaborative culture. Sanofi Genzyme's operations depend on cross-functional teams managing various projects and initiatives, and this approach gives individuals the chance to get involved in areas beyond their own roles. It's not unusual for employees to tap into expertise in another division in the company, or even another part of the world.

Our emphasis on teamwork allows staff not only to learn from one another, but also discover new opportunities or roles that can expand their career horizons. Sanofi Genzyme executives and management are intimately involved in their divisions, and they lead by example, inspiring their teams to rise to challenges and reach for new heights.

Professional Development Programs

In addition to an open, encouraging work environment, Sanofi Genzyme offers structured career development initiatives through a combination of internal and external programs.

All employees work closely with their managers and HR representatives to map out goals, assess performance, and identify areas for skill-building and growth. We also have an on-staff team of specialists in professional development who are available to support employees and managers throughout Sanofi Genzyme. This Leadership and Organizational Development group provides educational courses, training sessions, and other consultative services.

Collaborating with professional organizations, we create opportunities for our employees to learn from others in the industry, network with peers, and establish themselves as subject matter experts. Together, all these initiatives help ensure that Sanofi Genzyme is meeting the needs and interests of our employees today and helping them evolve into our leaders for tomorrow.

A Diverse Workforce

Sanofi Genzyme supports individual professional development – in a richly diverse workforce, whose varied skills and perspectives make our company even stronger than the sum of its parts.

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Last Updated: 4/27/2017
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