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Genzyme volunteers never cease to amaze me; their commitment to causes around the world is a testament to the quality of individuals who work here.
— Stephen Meunier
Director, Public Affairs

Social responsibility and a "can-do" attitude are cornerstones of Sanofi Genzyme's corporate culture. Nowhere are these better reflected than in the actions of our employees, who volunteer time and raise funds to support their communities and other causes they believe in.
A Passion for Giving

Painting murals to brighten up an aging inner-city public school. Running marathons to advocate for rare disease patients. Cleaning up local parks and waterfronts. The contributions of Sanofi Genzyme employees are as varied as their interests and reflect their passion for making a difference in the world – the same passion they bring to their work each day.

As a company, Sanofi Genzyme is dedicated to empowering our employees to contribute, whether by volunteering their time, fundraising for a cause, or making a charitable donation. Over the years we've established numerous company-sponsored initiatives to encourage employee involvement, including reading programs with local schools, co-development of museum exhibits, fundraising drives for humanitarian relief, and others.

Encouraging Volunteerism: the G.I.V.E. Program

In 2014, Sanofi Genzyme staff worldwide volunteered over 5,500 hours of their time to non-profit organizations and events under one of our most successful employee programs: Sanofi Genzyme Invests in Volunteer Efforts – aptly abbreviated G.I.V.E. The company rewarded these efforts by distributing corporate grants totaling $145,000 to the causes our employees chose.

To promote partnership and collaboration, G.I.V.E. requires that employees work in teams of at least four people, volunteering their time and/or raising money for a charity or non-profit of their choosing. Grants for each team can range from $1,000 to $15,000 and are calculated based on time contributed and/or money raised.

The Growth of G.I.V.E.

In the spirit of a grassroots initiative, Sanofi Genzyme's employee volunteer program started small. Founded in 2000 as "Dollars for Doers," it operated initially only in Massachusetts, with 12 events and grants totaling just over $6,000. Expanding U.S.-wide the following year, the program grew thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our employees. Participation in several more countries soon meant much more than "Dollars" were being raised – and thus the more inclusive G.I.V.E. name was born in 2005.

We're proud to report that the global G.I.V.E. program has become an integral part of our company culture as we support employees around the world who get involved with the issues that mean the most to them. Many employees maintain an ongoing relationship with an organization, participating in numerous activities to earn multiple G.I.V.E. grants for their causes. Often the recipients reflect our employees' professional interests in health and medicine, but the scope of G.I.V.E. is broad – we support a wide variety of causes that our workforce cares deeply about, such as education, homelessness, and the environment. Humanitarian work is a recurring theme, with employees raising thousands of dollars for disaster relief efforts worldwide.

Employees in Action

Here are just a few stories to illustrate the impact of our employees' actions:

Charles River Conservancy – Since 2010, Allston employees have participated in a Charles River clean-up every year. Volunteers have contributed over 800 hours and have earned $22,000 in G.I.V.E. grants for the Charles River Conservancy. 

Habitat for Humanity – In 2014, two employee teams worked on building and remodeling homes in Merrimack Valley and the Metrowest area of Massachusetts. Each day-long team build earned a $2,000 grant for the Habitat for Humanity.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Since 2000, employees across the country have participated in bike rides, walks, and other fundraisers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and its local chapters, raising over $92,000 – and an additional $50,000 in G.I.V.E. grants. 

American Cancer Society – Massachusetts employees have teamed up for the American Cancer Society’s annual Bicycles Battling Cancer race for the past four years, raising over $96,000 and qualifying for another $55,000 in G.I.V.E. grants. 

Fundación Catalina Muñoz – In 2013-14 a team of over 50 employees in Colombia raised money throughout the year to fund six prefabricated houses for homeless families in Bogotá. The efforts culminated with a day-long team build where employees came together to build the houses. The team raised $18,000 and volunteered for a total of 660 hours, and received a $15,000 GIVE grant.

Heropbeuring vzw De Mick – Over 40 employees in Belgium spent the day cleaning, gardening, painting, and doing other maintenance work for this facility serving people with motor disabilities caused by a non-congenital brain damage. The project earned the team a $4,000 G.I.V.E. grant.

Last Updated: 9/26/2016
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