Responsible Business

When you get it right, when you do something meaningful, when you transform a life, in fact you can create a sustainable business.
— David Meeker
Executive Vice President and Head of Sanofi Genzyme

For Sanofi Genzyme, running a responsible business means looking out for the interests of all stakeholders affected by and involved in the work we do.

What does corporate responsibility mean at Sanofi Genzyme? It means running a sustainable business that can continue to invest in important research and innovative new therapies. It also means conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards and practices. Most of all, it means demonstrating our ongoing commitment to all of our stakeholders, from the patients we serve, to the employees we rely on, to the wider communities in which we operate.

Commitment to Patients

Sanofi Genzyme's sense of responsibility is grounded in our commitment to patients – and in particular to those patients who have few other advocates. Our company was founded to address the needs of patients with rare diseases who had no available treatment options, and we remain committed today to advancing new therapies for still-unmet medical needs.

Our patient focus is about much more than developing and delivering products. We also take responsibility for helping patients obtain access to our unique therapies, regardless of their location, financial circumstances, or other obstacles. We establish free drug programs, help build sustainable health care systems, participate in humanitarian initiatives, and provide a range of supporting services, all on behalf of our number one priority: patients.

Commitment to Employees

Sanofi Genzyme's work to improve the lives of patients would not be possible without the dedication and talents of our global workforce. Thus we feel a tremendous responsibility to create an equally rewarding workplace for our employees.

We maintain a culture that encourages personal initiative, while still providing structure and support for career development. A corporate commitment to diversity, workplace safety, and employee wellness helps ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all. And we strive to provide inspirational opportunities both on and off the job that bring both professional and personal satisfaction.

Commitment to Communities

Responsible business requires a company to look beyond the boundaries of its everyday operations. Sanofi Genzyme recognizes that we have an impact on the outside world, and we try to ensure it's a positive one. Widely acknowledged as an industry leader in environmental responsibility, we remain committed to maintaining and expanding our green business practices. And we actively give back to the communities that surround and support us, through cash contributions, collaborative partnerships, and other local and global initiatives.


Last Updated: 11/14/2016
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