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Courage. Respect. Teamwork. Integrity. These are the values that guide our work. They come alive in the stories we tell and motivate us to make a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide.
Rare Disease Diagnosis: The Long and Winding Road

For the average person getting a proper medical diagnosis can be challenging. For someone with a rare disease, the obstacles can be dramatically more difficult. Nate’s Gaucher disease diagnosis exemplifies these challenges.

Serious Addiction

Rob was addicted to opioids and his life was spinning out of control. Find out where he turned for help.

More Than Skin Deep

Atopic dermatitis affects many aspects of William’s life, dictating what he can and can’t do, his hobbies, his relationships & his career.

Legends in the Halls

During Gaucher Awareness Month, we recount our history in honor of two men to remember our past and take what we’ve learned to propel us into the future.

vs.MS Interpreted: An Artistic Expression of the Physical and Emotional Impact of MS

Our vs.MS initiative and survey findings have brought to light the raw emotions – isolation, anxiety and self-esteem – felt by people living with and affected by MS. Our goal is to learn from these findings.

25 Years of Humanitarian: Creating Patient Advocates

Over the years, several patients in the Humanitarian program have become patient advocates themselves, starting patient associations, advocating for policy change and raising disease awareness in their countries.

Plan Bee

In the spring of 2016, in an effort to help counteract the declining honey bee population, Sanofi Genzyme joined Sanofi’s Project Mobilization by installing an active beehive at the manufacturing facility in Allston, Massachusetts.

Transforming “From Darkness to Hope” for LSD Patients in Pakistan

Sanofi Genzyme Pakistan was honored for their work on project “From Darkness to Hope,” an effort to rally support for pediatric patients with lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs).

25 years of Humanitarian: Helping Patients Around the World Get Access to Free Treatment

These are three patient stories that illustrate the beginnings of our humanitarian programs in Egypt, China and India.

Cycling for a Cause: One Employee's Motivation for Taking on Bike MS

For the fourth consecutive year, Sanofi Genzyme will participate as a team in the CCG, becoming an established supporter of the event and building close ties with cyclists, patients, volunteers and families who are also dedicated to fighting MS

PAL Awards – Empowering and Supporting Patient Organizations

Over the past five years, Sanofi Genzyme has awarded more than $450,000 in Patient Advocacy Leadership (PAL) Award grants to nearly 40 patient organizations around the world.

Lucy's Kidney Transplant Story

Lucy Maliszewski was diagnosed with glomerulosclerosis, a condition that would require her to have a kidney transplant.

vs.MS Sheds Light on and Addresses the True Impact of MS

As a first step in our journey to launching vs.MS, we went straight to the source – the MS Community.

Last Updated: 11/30/2017