Technology Platforms

We are committed to innovation using any technology, whether it’s enzyme replacement, gene therapy, or small molecule, in order to address unmet medical needs.
— Seng Cheng
Group Vice President, Genetic Diseases Science

With one of the industry's most diverse arrays of medical technology platforms at their disposal, Genzyme's scientists can leverage a wide range of both biologic and chemical approaches to discover and develop innovative medical products.
Applying Innovative Technologies

“Technology platform" refers to the technologic approach upon which a treatment is based. This approach may be chemical synthesis, like a small molecule or therapeutic polymer drug. Or it may be biologic, like an engineered protein or antibody. Even whole cells grown in culture can form the basis of a therapy.

Genzyme has developed one of the most diverse arrays of technology platforms in the industry, including many proprietary approaches and associated patents. This broad base of potential treatment platforms allows us to explore multiple avenues for treating any particular disease. Our experts work together to identify the optimal format to meet physician and patient needs – which may be a combination of platforms. We have brought products to market in all of these technology areas except gene therapy, a still developing field in which we have industry-leading research and development efforts.

Explore our current technology platforms to find out more about our approach, achievements, and ambitions for each.

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Protein-Based Therapies

Therapeutic Polymers

Small Molecules


Gene Therapies

A Collaborative Model

Genzyme’s research facilities are clustered in Massachusetts; this close proximity enables our scientists to share ideas and collaborate easily. As part of the Sanofi Boston R&D Hub, our research teams can tap into a wide range of expertise both within the company and in the scientific community of the greater Boston area.

Biotech – and Beyond

Genzyme's roots are in biotechnology – the field of health care that uses biology and biological (rather than chemical) resources for medical purposes. We pioneered the first marketed therapeutics in two major biologic areas: enzyme replacements for patients with certain rare genetic diseases and cell therapies to rebuild damaged tissues.

Over the years, we've continued to build on our biologic expertise, exploring the many ways that medicine can leverage natural substances such as proteins, cells, and genes. But we've also advanced research in synthetic, chemistry-based pharmaceuticals, developing state-of-the-art technology to investigate small molecule and polymer drugs for many medical conditions.

A Focus on Therapeutic Needs

The starting point of all our research efforts is a significant medical need. We focus on developing breakthrough therapies within therapeutic areas such as genetic diseases and multiple sclerosis.

Last Updated: 5/13/2015
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