Clinical Trials

Through clinical trials, research and development efforts come one step closer to reaching patients in need. At Genzyme, we're committed to giving those patients, their families, and physicians a full understanding of all our studies.
The Final Stage of Research

Clinical trials represent an exciting stage in the product development process – the point at which research efforts finally come out of the laboratory to be studied in humans for safety and efficacy. It takes considerable persistence to reach this stage: years of preclinical research, millions of dollars, and a good number of failures lie behind every research effort that does successfully qualify for human trials. Even then, this final stage of research lasts many more years until clinical trials yield results that lead to a marketable product.

At Genzyme, persistence is paramount to our mission – since we're so often exploring medical needs that continue to remain unmet by current treatments. Our success is demonstrated in our vigorous clinical research programs, which include trials across all our therapeutic areas, at various stages of completion. Many of these trials involve collaborations with hospitals, universities, and other research institutions to leverage outside expertise in study design and execution.

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Niemann-Pick B Clinical Trial

Our Phase 1/2 pediatric trial is currently in process and the Phase 2/3 adult clinical trial will begin by the end of 2015. Click here for more information.

Due to the limited clinical safety data available, expanded access to olipudase alfa will not be offered during the clinical trials.

Trial Participation

The success of a clinical trial depends on being able to study sufficient numbers of qualified patients. Because so many of Genzyme's trials address rare diseases, it can sometimes be challenging to find patients, and we are frequently recruiting participants.

If you're a physician interested in enrolling a patient in a Genzyme clinical trial, or you're a patient interested in participating yourself, contact our Medical Information department at 800-745-4447 or through our online form.

Explore Genzyme's Clinical Trials

Genzyme's Clinical Research website catalogs our ongoing and completed trials. You can search by product as well as by medical condition, and then review a summary of each study.

Visit Genzyme's Clinical Research website

If you are a patient or family member, please be sure to discuss your clinical trial interests with your health care providers.

A Commitment to Research Transparency

Genzyme believes that industry-wide transparency about product development helps health care professionals and their patients make the most informed treatment decisions. We are strongly committed to promoting open access to information about all our clinical trials – including both completed and ongoing studies, those for approved and investigational products, and for products developed internally as well as those obtained through mergers and acquisitions

To help ensure such transparency, we've established a set of policies to guide our research efforts:

  • We register all our active, company-sponsored, hypothesis-testing trials on the National Institute of Health's website to help increase awareness about their existence and purpose
  • We set strict deadlines and timeframes for publishing study results to ensure the information's timeliness and availability

Genzyme's commitment to research transparency is ongoing, and we continue to explore ways to disseminate information about clinical trials that is valuable to both patients and health care professionals.

New Clinical Trial Data Sharing Practices

As a Sanofi company, Genzyme is beginning our implementation of new clinical trial data sharing practices as of January 1, 2014, to further our commitment to sharing valuable information with trial participants, researchers, and the public. These practices will involve making clinical study report (CSR) synopses publicly available, submitting CSRs for publication in scientific journals, and participating in a multi-company portal for the requesting and sharing of our clinical trial data.

Learn more about Sanofi’s commitment to responsible data sharing.
Last Updated: 5/13/2015
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