On the Ground Efforts

Corporate directives and smart site management go a long way toward making Sanofi Genzyme a greener company – but it's the everyday activities of our employees that really demonstrate our ongoing commitment to environmental action.
Reduce and Recycle

Many of our resource conservation and waste reduction activities happen at an operational level, based on building infrastructure such as electric and heating systems or on site-wide processes such as emissions management. But one area in which we rely heavily on employee participation is the reduction and recycling of trash. These efforts have been recognized numerous times over the years by awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WasteWise program.

Small changes in daily habits have become standard for most Sanofi Genzyme employees, from printing double-sided to sipping coffee from reusable mugs. Of course, recycling bins for paper and plastic are standard at every site. But we also recycle nearly every other product or material that comes through our facilities: printer cartridges, batteries, computer monitors, lab coats, and more – even organic trash from our cafeterias and kitchens often goes for composting.

A Global Success Story

Half of Sanofi Genzyme's top ten recycling sites are outside the U.S. The leader, our manufacturing plant in Haverhill, England, recycles more than 80% of its solid waste and has won a Green Apple award for its efforts.

Employee Initiative

While Sanofi Genzyme has implemented several programs to educate our workforce on environmental issues, we often find our employees themselves are the ones doing the educating. Many on-site changes have resulted from the initiative of motivated employees: turning off unnecessary lights in vending machines, transplanting trees that were due to be cut down, even investigating the most energy-efficient washroom hand-drying systems. Recognition programs through our Environmental Affairs group encourage and reward these kinds of employee contributions to our overall efforts.

Transportation Alternatives

Many of Sanofi Genzyme's sites are promoting greener transportation for the daily commute. We have programs encouraging cycling to work, offer hybrid vehicles to our sales force, and provide shuttle service between our Massachusetts locations.

Creating a Greener Community

We're particularly proud of our employees' volunteer activities to support natural resource preservation. Their participation in waterfront clean-ups, tree plantings, and other projects have benefited a range of organizations from the Charles River Conservancy in Massachusetts to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust in England. Through our internal, global G.I.V.E. grant program, Genzyme has helped fund the activities of many employees dedicated to helping create a greener community and world.

Learn more about our employee-led volunteer initiatives.

Last Updated: 9/26/2016
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EPA Recognition
The WasteWise Program

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