Our management team brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to lead our business unit and key areas of focus.

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Bill Sibold photo

Bill Sibold, Executive Vice President and Head of Sanofi Genzyme

“We have to be focused on the science, focused on the patients—that is the core of what we do. If we do that right, we can ultimately be successful.”
Carole Huntsman photo

Carole Huntsman

North America Head of Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology and Immunology
Carlo Incerti photo

Carlo Incerti, M.D.

Head of Global Medical Affairs
Adam Keeney photo

Adam Keeney

Head of Sanofi Genzyme Business Development and Licensing
Robin Kenselaar photo

Robin Kenselaar

Head of Sanofi Genzyme Europe
Jean-Luc Lowinski photo

Jean-Luc Lowinski

Head of Emerging Markets
Sébastien Martel photo

Sébastien Martel

Global Head of Rare Diseases
Joann Nestor photo

Joann Nestor

Head of Legal
Brendan O’Callaghan photo

Brendan O’Callaghan

Senior Vice President for Biologics within Industrial Affairs and Business Partner
Bo Piela photo

Bo Piela

Head of Communications
Eddie Reilly photo

Eddie Reilly

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs
Sandeep Sahney photo

Sandeep Sahney

Head of Japan & Pacific Region
Philippe Sauvage photo

Philippe Sauvage

Chief Financial Officer
Deb Shapiro photo

Deb Shapiro

Global Head of Human Resources
Robin Swartz photo

Robin Swartz

Global and US Head of Business Operations