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 A look inside our Fellowship Program with the Dimock Center

“Sustained. Significant. Specialized.” Raquel Rosenblatt, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at The Dimock Center, used these words to describe our collaboration with The Dimock Center, a program we refer to as the Fellowship. From the outset, the Fellowship, which began with a meaningful donation to The Dimock Center’s capital campaign to help renovate their inpatient detox facility, was structured to allow for a deeper commitment than just a one-time donation or volunteer event. Instead, the program extends well beyond a monetary donation, connecting both Dimock and Sanofi Genzyme employees with the goal of supporting the great work the Center does each day.

The Dimock Center, Massachusetts’ largest provider of substance use, mental health, and developmental disability services within a community health center setting, needed more than just funds to keep its important programs going. They also needed guidance and support. The Fellowship connects Sanofi Genzyme employees with their counterparts at Dimock, providing guidance and expertise in three of the organization’s priority areas: Communications and Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Human Resources. In return, Sanofi Genzyme employees gain an in-depth understanding of Dimock’s daily work, allowing unique insights into this sometimes challenging environment.

Working together
Shay Zukowski of Sanofi Genzyme and Raquel Rosenblatt of the Dimock Center discuss upcoming communications initiatives for the Center’s Pediatric Clinic (Photo Credit: Renée DeKona)

“Our goal is to engage corporations more deeply with The Dimock Center, leveraging their expertise while also giving their employees the opportunity to more deeply engage with our work in the community,” Raquel explained. “Sanofi Genzyme was able to find the right people who were interested and excited to meet the needs of Dimock.”

A common purpose

Across the two organizations, Fellows involved in the program share a common purpose: to have a long-term, fundamental impact on The Dimock Center’s growth and success. For Sanofi Genzyme employees, much of the motivation to participate arose from Dimock’s work with the Boston community, particularly in the context of the opioid crisis. “I was excited about Dimock’s mission and purpose, as well as its contribution to families and patients,” said Bob Buck, Vice President of Human Resources at Sanofi Genzyme. “[Dimock] is so purposefully driven in trying to help people on a day-to-day basis.”

One focus of the program has been to elevate the marketing and communications function at The Dimock Center to support strategic growth. Sanofi Genzyme’s Rare Disease Communications Director, Lisa Clemence, and Associate Manager, Shay Zukowski, joined the Fellowship program to support this objective. Shay and Lisa have worked with the Marketing Communications team at Dimock to develop an editorial calendar and write multichannel content that highlights the Dimock Center’s holistic approach to healthcare and wellness through the stories of its employees and clients. “Working in Rare Diseases at Sanofi Genzyme, there is no shortage of great stories. The Dimock Center is the same,” Lisa shared. “By sharing these stories with employees, clients, corporate partners, donors and the Greater Boston community at large, we support The Dimock Center’s mission and their ongoing ability to provide needed health and education services.” Shay and Lisa have also provided guidance on the use of social media channels as well as counsel on media opportunities. The sharing of best practices from corporation to nonprofit and vice versa is a key component of the Fellowship.

Similar sentiments were echoed by the Strategic Planning and Human Resources Fellows. After assessing Dimock’s three improvement goals in Human Resources – compensation support, learning and development, and talent acquisition – Bob Buck, Melissa Green, and several other Sanofi Genzyme HR employees are now focusing on strengthening Dimock’s training and development initiatives. Their work is centered on a range of topics within these key areas that include becoming a manager, coaching and motivating, and conflict management. When asked about how his work in the Fellowship has advanced the organization’s mission, Bob explained, “The ability to attract, retain and develop people is important in building Dimock’s work culture. Management is a foundation in delivering Dimock’s mission and vision.”

Mission, vision, and the organization’s pioneering model of healthcare, are what put The Dimock Center “ahead of the curve” according to Stacy Waters, Sanofi Genzyme’s Senior Director for Business Effectiveness in Rare Diseases. What initially attracted her to the Strategic Planning Fellowship was Dimock’s innovative approach to the full spectrum of healthcare that integrates mental health, in addition to the dedicated work of Dimock’s President and CEO, Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan. “Dimock does the right thing for people and doesn’t look for someone else to solve patients’ problems,” she noted. “It is really where the rubber meets the road.” Stacy’s work with Dimock has been multifaceted, the majority of which includes providing leadership on case management and business guidance through Dimock’s participation in a Community Care Cooperative Accountable Care Organization pilot program. ‘Quick wins’, as Stacy deems them, have included enlisting MIT students to organize data as well as connecting Dimock’s Head Start children with the accessible healthcare resources on the organization’s campus.

Our goal is to engage corporations more deeply with The Dimock Center, leveraging their expertise while also giving their employees the opportunity to more deeply engage with our work in the community.
Raquel Rosenblatt, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, The Dimock Center

Looking ahead

The Fellowship has provided Sanofi Genzyme employees with a richer perspective on The Dimock Center and the nonprofit world at large. “You get a sense that it’s truly a commitment to what they do that keeps people there. I was struck by employees’ dedication to their mission and I wanted to help them be more effective in areas where they believe they have opportunity,” Melissa Green said, of her work with Human Resources at Dimock. Learning how to communicate with new audiences, evaluating the needs of a workforce, and understanding the impact of pharmaceuticals on society were only a few of the Fellows’ takeaways.

The first group of Sanofi Genzyme Fellows has taken a “deep dive” into understanding Dimock as an organization, according to Raquel. In the future, she hopes that similar fellowship opportunities will expand throughout the organization. Given the program’s success, she concluded, “We feel lucky to be able to collaborate with corporations that care and want to offer their skills to better the community in a real way. This fellowship is vital and has amazing potential to help Dimock continue the work we need to accomplish.”

The Dimock Center
Learn more about The Dimock Center and the work they do as Massachusetts’ largest provider of substance use, mental health, and developmental disability services within a community health center setting.
Last update: 1/2018

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