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A Rare Commitment

Whether for financial, geographic, or logistical reasons, access to treatment remains an ongoing challenge for many patients around the world.

From the outset, our dedication to patients extended beyond the development of medicines. Because, after all, the tremendous work that goes into creating an effective therapeutic product means nothing if that treatment can't reach patients in need.

“Humanitarian programs are a critical part of who we are,” said David Meeker, Head of Sanofi Genzyme. “We realized from early on that if you develop a therapy for a disease - a life threatening disease - we had a responsibility and obligation as a company to make sure as many patients around the world could access that therapy independent of their ability or the healthcare system’s ability to provide for the patient.”

A Rare Commitment: Providing Humanitarian Treatment Around the World

Today, our Humanitarian program remains a vibrant part of our corporate culture with more 650 patients around the world currently receiving free therapy. “I think as a company, this is just in our DNA,” said Bonnie Anderson, Director Humanitarian Programs, Rare Diseases. “Having a humanitarian program and treating those patients who otherwise don’t have access to treatment…It’s just who we are….It’s what we believe is the right thing to do.”

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Our promise wasn’t in vain. Within our first year of having a commercial product in 1991, we worked to help patients in the United States receive access to free therapy. And in the 25 years since, we have continued to grow our Humanitarian program by providing, to the best of our ability, our enzyme replacement therapies - at no cost - to eligible patients regardless of where they live.

Across the globe - from India to Egypt, from the Bahamas to Cuba – one thing is certain: Disease does not discriminate. In many parts of the world, government and private health coverage may be nonexistent, or barely able to address basic medical care. But logistical challenges do not diminish need. Today and every day, we remain focused on our original commitment to look beyond the challenges and find solutions.

I think as a company, this is just in our DNA…It’s just who we are….It’s what we believe is the right thing to do.
Bonnie Anderson, Director Humanitarian Programs, Rare Diseases

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