Prostate cancer patient

We are building on our established legacy in cancer treatment by researching potential new options to offer in this urgent area of medicine

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The need for new cancer medicines remains great. We are committed to addressing this need and re-establishing ourselves as a leader in cancer treatment.

With a strong heritage in oncology, we are working to expand our contributions in the treatment of cancer by building a pipeline of future therapies in immuno-oncology, in which a patient’s immune system is used to fight cancer cells.

Through our own research and partnerships, we are concentrating on building our oncology business in areas such as prostate cancer, where we have a significant presence and currently provide important options for patients, and in areas such as multiple myeloma and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

Inspired by patients around the world

Prostate cancer patient
Prostate cancer patient
Prostate cancer patient

Above from left to right: Darryl, prostate cancer, USA; James, prostate cancer, USA; John, prostate cancer, USA

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Last update: 1/2018