Julia Guizani

The openness and respect towards diverse personalities and views makes our collaboration at Sanofi Genzyme thrilling and enriching.

I had the chance to work in different exciting roles across the company with colorful teams over the last years. It is impressive to see that regardless of the background and function, all of us are united by the goal to understand patients┬┤ needs and make an impactful contribution to their lives.

Making a real difference for patients is what drives me at Sanofi Genzyme.
Julia Guizani
Head of Unit Dermatology, Dupixent Franchise, Germany Switzerland Austria

Recently I have been part of a complex cross-functional project, which was executed in record time because everyone was highly committed, and we all felt the urgency we need to find a solution as soon as possible.

Doing something meaningful together really drives us at Sanofi Genzyme, what it is that drives you?

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