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Patient Advocacy

We partner with and support numerous patient organizations worldwide to achieve our common mission: advocating for and addressing the needs of patients with serious medical conditions.

Collaborating on shared goals

As part of our commitment to supporting optimal patient care and sustainable health care systems globally, we recognize the importance of fully understanding the needs of the patient communities we serve. We've learned that one of the best ways to accomplish this is by working with the patient organizations that are closely connected to and understand the concerns and interests of patients.

While partnering with patient organizations has always been fundamental to our culture and approach, in 2001 we established our internal Patient Advocacy group to formalize our collaborations with the advocacy community. Championing the patient perspective within Sanofi Genzyme, this team works with rare disease organizations to advocate for access to therapies and foster a sense of community among patients and their families.

In addition, our Patient Advocacy group develops programs to support advocacy group leaders within the community and disseminate critical disease and health care educational information

Expression of Hope program logo
Expression of Hope
Established by Sanofi Genzyme in 2006, our Expression of Hope program raises awareness of lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) by inviting patients and families to express their unique stories through original artwork. More than 450 pieces of art have been shared to date.

With the launch of our multiple sclerosis (MS) franchise, we established a fully dedicated MS Advocacy team focused on supporting the needs of this patient community. The team supports critical research and broad registry initiatives, in addition to educational and awareness programs in local and global markets. We're proud to partner with patient organizations on key, large scale initiatives with the goal of meeting critical unmet needs in the MS community.

MS programs we support include:

Administered in close compliance with all relevant regulations, we also provide financial support to patient organizations in the form of grants which help fund the organizations' events, outreach efforts, and other activities.

Guiding principles

To ensure that our relationships with patient organizations are thoughtful and transparent, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We recognize that as a global company, we are subject to often differing laws, rules, and regulations in the many locations in which we do business, and we will always comply with local rules involving interactions with patient organizations.
  • We will respect and ensure the independence of patient organizations in their policies, decisions, and activities, never perceiving or placing their interests as subordinate to our own.
  • We will neither request nor expect patient organizations to promote any Sanofi Genzyme product or service.
  • The scope and objectives of any collaboration with a patient organization will be open, transparent, and ethical.
  • We will respect the privacy of all personal information and data we may receive from patient organizations and will not expect them to provide us with any personal patient or family information.
  • We never require that a patient organization receive funding solely from Sanofi Genzyme, nor will we seek to exclude anyone, including competitors, from making contributions to these organizations. Although there may be occasions when we are the sole source of support, we strongly encourage organizations to pursue and establish multiple funding sources.

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