ELITEK® (rasburicase) IV Infusion Support Program

Sanofi Genzyme is committed to helping qualified patients receive access to ELITEK® and appropriate financial support through our CareASSIST™ assistance program.

Support programs available

  • Access and Reimbursement: CareASSIST can provide assistance navigating the insurance process including benefits investigations, claims assistance, and information about prior authorizations and appeals.
  • Financial Assistance: Provides ELITEK at no cost to eligible patients that are uninsured or lack coverage and need assistance with their out-of-pocket drug costs.
  • Copay Program: Eligible patients with commercial insurance may pay as little as $0 out of pocket for ELITEK. This includes any product-specific copay, coinsurance, and insurance deductibles – up to $25,000 in assistance per year. There is no income requirement to qualify for this program.
  • Resource Support: Identify and provide information on independent support services for patients and caregivers.

Contact details

CareASSIST Patient Access Specialists are available Monday-Friday, 9AM - 8PM EST at 1-833-930-2273, option 1.

For more information

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