LIBTAYO<sup>®</sup> (cemiplimab-rwlc) Injection Support Program

Together with Regeneron, Sanofi Genzyme is committed to helping eligible patients receive access to prescribed LIBTAYO®  and appropriate financial support.

Support programs available

  • Patient and Co-pay Assistance:  LIBTAYO SurroundTM helps eligible patients prescribed LIBTAYO with their drug related out-of-pocket expenses regardless of financial status.
  • Patient Assistance Program: Provides LIBTAYO at no cost to eligible patients that are uninsured or have inadequate insurance coverage and need assistance with their out-of-pocket drug costs.
  • Access and Reimbursement Support: Provides assistance with benefits investigations, prior authorization assistance, appeals support, and claims assistance for billing and reimbursement.

Contact details

Call LIBTAYO Surround Monday-Friday, 8AM - 8PM EST at 1-877-542-8296, option 1.

For more information

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