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Advancing therapies for complex, debilitating diseases

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Each day we work to discover scientific breakthroughs to help patients affected by some of the most challenging health conditions. Our current portfolio includes 25+ specialty care treatments in addition to a robust pipeline of product candidates across our five therapeutic areas of focus.

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Our specialty care treatments
We aim to be the industry leader in specialty care. With more than 25 innovative therapies across our five areas of focus, our current product portfolio targets a range of serious medical conditions.
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Product candidates under development

We have more than 42 potential new therapies in our R&D pipeline, as we continue to explore new ways to treat complex and debilitating diseases.
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Learn about our lysosomal storage disorder registries

These large, often multinational databases of clinical data, aggregate knowledge to help improve understanding of rare diseases that would be otherwise difficult to study.

About Sanofi R&D

Sanofi’s R&D community is made up of scientists, physicians, technicians, product and manufacturing engineers, and many others who contribute to our scientific leadership. Our goal is breakthrough innovation that can transform, extend and potentially save lives.