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In Their Own Words: Our Scientists Share Why Genzyme Is a Top Employer

It all starts in the lab. Through years of creativity, hard work, trial and error, and a bit of luck, scientists begin the process of translating mere molecules into medicines that save lives. Our researchers are foundational to our mission – discovering and delivering transformative therapies for patients – so we are pleased to be named a Top Employer by Science magazine for the ninth year since 2003.

According to the survey creators, the 2012 Science Careers Top Employers Survey was designed to identify the 20 companies with the finest reputations in the industry, as well as the characteristics that most impact an employer's status. The 4,276 survey respondents indicated that being a leader in innovation, treating employees with respect, valuing social responsibility, and doing important, quality research are among most important attributes of the best biotech and pharma companies.

Genzyme attracts some of the most brilliant scientists around the world because we are committed to creating a research environment that tolerates risk and ambiguity, encourages openness and collaboration, and rewards flexibility and thinking outside the box. Our scientists champion projects they truly believe in and are persistent in the face of challenges and naysayers. Most importantly, they have a deep-seated understanding that their work impacts patients’ lives.

In their own words, several of our scientists share about the exciting research they’re working on and why they think Genzyme is a top employer. Check out their profiles below.

Name: Rob Barker
Title: Genzyme Distinguished Scientific Fellow
Research Areas: Neglected Diseases & Rare Genetic Diseases
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Name: Lisa Stanek
Title: Staff Scientist II
Research Areas: Huntington’s Disease
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Name: Ajeeta Dash
Title: Associate Director
Research Areas: Gene Therapy
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Name: Andrea Edling
Title: Senior Scientist in Immune Mediated Disease Research
Research Areas: Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus
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Last Updated: 4/23/2014
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